Book summaries & reviews

(Published by SPCK, 2012)

Here’s my summary of the book:
How God Became King summary

THINK ORANGE by Reggie Joiner
(Published by David C. Cook, 2009)

Summary of Think Orange by Reggie Joiner (May14)

The subtitle for this brilliant book is ‘Imagine the impact when church and family collide…’ It is a compelling argument for the importance of churches designing strategies that combine family with the faith community to impact the lives of kids and teens. Reggie Joiner’s writing is bold, moving and laced with humour. To top it all off, the volume itself is artfully presented with clear illustrations that sum up the main concepts.

Reggie Joiner heads up the rethink network which is based in the US. The ‘Think Orange’ approach has been influential in informing the way we serve the young people in Grace Church, as explained by a talk delivered on 13th July 2014 by my wife, Laura, and myself. Additional recommended resources associated with this talk are listed below.

Short articles

The Child Exodus: And How the Church Can Stop It by Chine Mbubaegbu

Summary of Think Orange by Reggie Joiner (see above)

A website linked with the Orange curriculum to help parents ‘do family better.’
[The 6-7 min podcasts in the Parent Cue Live section are priceless. Check out the one for June 2014!]
Resources associated with the Orange curriculum to help you understand the philosophy undergirding their approach.


Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in your Kids by Kara E. Powell & Chap Clark

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