Leading Others

The Christian life is a life of service. Everything that God does in our lives he doesn’t do merely for our own sakes; it is given to us so that we can be a means of his grace to others. This module is about two things: looking outward and looking forward. Looking outward is about challenging us to consider who and how God is calling us to serve others. Looking forward is about exploring where God is leading as we seek to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

1.”Empty Your Cup”

This phrase is from Andy Stanley (see first seven minutes of this video).

Doug Fell, Life on Life Discipleship.

2. Future and Limiting Beliefs

Read and answer the questions in Leadership Plain and Simple by Steve Radcliffe, pp. 28-45.

3. How God guides us

Read The Bondage of Guidance by Mark Dever (reblogged from original article, published Feb 2008).

Read Just Do Something Ch. 4 from Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung (Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2009).

Just Do Something cover

4. Review and looking ahead